2013-2014 Craft Summary

Hello All! I created this craft site because I take on a lot of crafting projects, and occasionally I have friends who ask me for the directions or links to the stuff I’ve made. So this site really just serves the purpose to allow anyone to find the information to make the projects I’m attempting or have attempted.

For my first post I just thought I would add a few projects I’ve worked on in the last year or so. These won’t be as detailed as future posts as I didn’t really take step-by-step photos or document the process.

I made this airplane blanket for one of my best friends who just had her first son.

20131120_191846 20131119_173839

The concept here is simple. I traced out the shape of the plane, cut it out piece by piece and then sewed it on to the background fabric. For this blanket I used Cozy Flannel Navy Blue fabric for the blanket part and Cozy Flannel that has a white background and blue stars for the plane. After sewing on the plane I went around each piece with a zig-zag stitch to make it look fancier. Additionally, I created a border about an inch or two inside the edge of the blanket with a zig-zag stitch as well this is for looks as well as for hiding the edge of the blanket (which you would fold over and sew down). And that’s it!  She say’s the blanket is great for tummy time because it’s soft and gives padding between the floor and her son’s head! 🙂

Here’s a tutorial that is very similar to this blanket:



I’ve also dabbled a little bit in making baby items. These are a few of the ones that are just lying around my house right now.

20131126_175318 20131126_195333 20131126_210429

These are pretty simple. I just bought some white onesies and some cute fabric, cut the onesies in half, turned them inside out, and sewed in the fabric. For the one on the left I then attached some tulle to the bottom of the skirt. Simple and cute!


944283_10201454288572288_80066616_n 1393406_10201417159244078_581294361_n

Here are some baby shoes I made. Fairly simple. Here’s a tutorial:



Here are a few of the wreaths I’ve made:

267863_4922560935002_599763630_n 389722_3732268218428_1511129223_n 551584_4076854392867_2093277841_n

These are all pretty straight forward. The Easter wreath is just ribbon, foam balls dipped in paint, and a hay wreath. The Fourth of July wreath is just a foam wreath wrapped in red, white, and blue, glitter tulle. The Halloween wreath is just my own concoction a mixture of some tulle, ribbon, a table decoration, and some glitter flower arrangement stuff. Simple stuff right there.

Here’s a tutorial for the Easter wreath:



Last summer I made an apron that I’ve never actually wore for baking or cooking. LOL It just chills in my kitchen looking all cute.


I didn’t use a tutorial for this one. 😦
Maybe in the future I can make another one so I can work through all the steps again.


I made this bag after seeing it on Pinterest


Unfortunately the link was removed from Pinterest 😦


I made this clutch

66439_3210745660690_1556843917_n 306550_3211646523211_1037802286_n

Here’s the tutorial:



I mod-podged over paper to create a cool looking night stand

386190_10200127094033254_203623447_n 555085_10200127092753222_2122329099_n

My boyfriend and I are both pilots which explains the use of the sectional charts. My only advice here is to not use too much of the mod-podge because it causes the paper to wrinkle. But I believe it turned out wonderful and kept us from throwing this old nightstand away!!


I crocheted this blanket for my grandmother’s birthday on January 28th.


I made this by making a line of single crochets for as long as you want the blanket then it’s just a double crochet for the rest of the time! I fit hers to a queen bed. It was five rows of blue and two rows of red that repeats for the width of the blanket.  I think it turned out well.


This is our new duvet cover that I just made about a week ago.


I hope this isn’t too confusing because I just did all this in my head without any directions.
Duvet Cover. This will depend on the size of your bed but we have a king size down comforter for our queen bed and it measures 93″x103″ so that’s what I made the duvet to fit. Maybe give 1-2″ extra for stitching so that the duvet isn’t cramped in the cover.
The stripes are super simple, just black and white fabric cut in 6″ thick pieces 93″ wide. Just do enough stripes to meet the length and width of your down comforter. (Personally, I think 6″ stripes are the perfect size) I think mine has 16 or 17 stripes. The back side is just one solid piece of whatever fabric you choose.
When I had the fabric cut I had them cut it for 93″ so whatever the size of your blanket have them cut that length for you (just makes the process easier). You’ll need two pieces of each color(black and white or whatever you choose). So for me I had two pieces of black fabric 93″ long and two white pieces. You’ll also need the fabric for the back side. Note: if you’re doing one solid color it will need to be long and wide enough without sewing pieces together. (this means you’ll have to look at the dimensions of the fabric at the store to make sure.
Then just lay it out measure every six inches, mark it, and then cut the strips of fabric. After that you just sew them together.
Then sew the top piece to the bottom piece.
I just sewed them together leaving the bottom side open because you will need to find some way of inserting your comforter. I’m using sew-in velcro, which I will attach to comforter allowing easy opening and closing. And that’s it!!
I made my own craft desk after seeing a few on Pinterest and needing one of my own
Essentially I bought some bookshelves from target, cut and stained some plywood, made some drawers, and then put it all together.
And probably the biggest project I’ve ever taken on: Making my own surfboard.
375187_2586757781383_841085839_n 378468_2586406732607_520156447_n 422021_2790229588051_1537023730_n
I’m not really going to lay out the information for making your own surfboard. There are kits out there that outline that information. Plus I’d end up writing a book here, and no one is going to read that! LOL
I think it turned out well and two years later I’m still using it!
Well, that it for now.
Happy crafting!

Growing Tulips!

I’m currently working on growing my own tulips inside!!!

Here’s my starting picture:


I think I’m going to have to switch to the clear beads because the gold is turning the water brown.

Here is a link to the explanation:

How to Force Tulip Bulbs in Water